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Best Women's Clothing Store Dallas 2002 - Emeralds to Coconuts

Emeralds to Coconuts

Emeralds to Coconuts

2730 N. Henderson Ave.

Dallas, TX 75206


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Readers' Choice: Ann Taylor, Various locations

Emeralds to Coconuts, a hip little store with a funny name, offers women's fashions for young and old. While you won't necessarily find the latest trends here, you will find rack after rack of fun and stylish women's clothing, many of the items imported from faraway lands. Even the clearance rack at Emeralds to Coconuts has a lot to offer, such as a sequined rayon skirt from India remarkably priced at $18. And that's just one example. The incense-scented store also offers a variety of jewelry, accessories and gift items. But possibly the best part about shopping at Emeralds to Coconuts is the friendly service and welcoming atmosphere. No snotty salesgirls here. They even provide a complimentary gift bag and colored tissue paper for your gift items. And on one visit, there were free chocolates at the checkout counter. Could this shopping experience be any better?

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I visited this store with my wife. She loved it; she had a great time. I am still waiting for a womans clothing store that has a mens section with a high def flat screen, X-Box and all the trimmings. We went to a jewelry expo while we were vacationing that was set up that way.


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