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Best Auto Body Shop Dallas 2003 - Excalibur Collision Center

Fair quotes. Nice, quick work. No false salesmanship. What more could you ask for in your vehicle's time of need? They actually did a little repair on our jalopy--a bashed mirror and a dent--while we waited in a nearby Exposition Park coffee shop. An advice-giving relative once said you can judge an auto body shop by its cleanliness and the kinds of cars it services. Our Honda was one of the few cars on the lot retailing for less than 30 grand. And the shop is spotless. Owner Alex Gonzalez set up in this up-and-coming neighborhood back in the dark days of 1991. Chances are he's the guy you'll meet when you drive up.

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I have to say I love it when an auto shop will give me good quotes. It's also comforting when you have a confident salesman working with you. It makes getting a repair a nice easy process. I'd love to find a auto body shop like this is my area.


I got rear ended on the way to work the other day.  My trunk is all dented in.  Luckily, I wasn't hurt and my car is running.  I've just got the rear trunk damage that I need to get pounded out. 


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