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Best Hair Salon Dallas 2003 - Osgood-O'Neil Salon

Readers' Choice: Toni & Guy
Don't want to take our word on it? Fine, then take Allure magazine's, which recently named colorist J.T. Osgood one of the best colorists around. This is no surprise, as this tony, 'spensive (but worth it) salon in Snider Plaza has long been known as one of the best of its kind in town. As well, The Dallas Morning News' Alan Peppard recently named Bruce Osgood one of the 10 best-dressed men in Dallas. So you get to see that, too.

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I can second that. They are very good people, and very good at what they do.

Barbara Smith
Barbara Smith

Not only are J.T. and Bruce Osgood the best at what they do , they are two of the best people I have ever met, truly, very nice people.


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