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Best Place to be Serenaded by a Mariachi Dallas 2003 - La Acapulquena - CLOSED

La Acapulquena

La Acapulquena

5522 Columbia Ave.

Dallas, TX 75214


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If you're into Mexican or seafood, or Mexican seafood, you'll be into La Acapulquena, an unassuming little place that bumps up against a laundry. Which comes in handy if you start playing fast and loose with the salsa. But the real draw here is the mariachi duo that makes its way around the restaurant at night, providing a pleasant soundtrack to a pleasant meal. Plus, on the way home, you'll probably be in the mood to recite a few of your favorite lines from Three Amigos (pretty much anything El Guapo says, for example), and that's always a good thing.

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I am here writing about my expierence in the restaurant on Columbia ave. It was not pleasant, It first started with me and 3 of my buddies wanted to go eat some mexican food. I first go in the restaurant and we all order our food, I order a plate of enchiladas which is wierd because the plate doesnt come with beans, only rice so i ordered a side of beans because you cannot have rice without the beans. Awhile later food comes to our table and i started eating the food, when i was eating the rice i noticed something out the corner of my eye as i was about to put it in my mouth. It looked like a burnt piece of rice as i looked closer i saw antenas. It was a little roach. I was not pleased and told the waiteress that i am not going to pay for the food and that i was leaving. waitress told handed me a reciept as i was walking out and as i looked at it she was charging me for the side of beans that i ordered that i did not touch. Thats when i got furious that they were trying to charge me when i was not pleased so i wanted to talk with the manager. she told me he was not there and that i couldnt talk to him. i told her get him on the phone and she told me that she cant. Minutes later talking to her we got the manager on the phone and that i didnt have to pay for the food. Me and my friends were leaving she hands them the bill having to pay for there food. I asked her why are they getting charged since we are all leaving disgusted by the food, she tells me "the roach wasnt in there food." We got mad and walked out not going to pay. This Restaurant i would not recommend to any body i would tell every one to stay away from this place. Health Inspection needs to go in this place and inspect it properly for other peoples health. Roaches in the food. No Good service. waiters talking bad and back to you. NO this place on a scale of 1 to 10 gets a 1. not even a 1 a zero would be better


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