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Best Chair Throw Dallas 2004 - Frank Francisco, Texas Rangers

Not since infamous basketball coach Bobby Knight hurled a folding chair across the hardwood has a piece of furniture gotten so much attention. But thanks to Rangers reliever Frank Francisco, collapsible chair throwing is once again en vogue. During a late-season game at Oakland, Francisco took offense to something that one of the A's fans was saying about his mama. (We don't care what anyone says it was really about--for a guy to get that heated, something had to be said about his mama.) Naturally, Francisco retaliated by grabbing a chair and throwing it into the stands. If there were an Olympic chair-throwing event, Francisco would have scored some serious points on distance and velocity, but he would have lost points on accuracy (he missed the intended target and hit a woman instead).

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Ickyray Obbybay
Ickyray Obbybay

You think talking about somebody's mama will get them riled up, try spouting off about their stillborn child. THAT's what sent Francisco over the edge, and it's hard for me to criticize him too harshly. Sure, fans pay their money and they have a right to heckle opposing players, but you've got to draw a line somewhere. The Rangers had already complained to Oakland security about the abusive fans prior to the incident, and they opted to do nothing. That POS fireman whose wife got hit with the chair should have been kicked out long before it escalated into chair throwing; let his wife sue him.


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