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Best Radio DJ Dallas 2004 - Ayo, KDGE-FM (102.1)

Ayo doesn't sound like a DJ, and we mean that as a compliment. He's funny without being shecky; personable but not self-obsessed; and enthusiastic but never phony. He sounds like a guy who loves music, and that's endearing, since the dial's full of slick-voiced, self-promoting, station-hopping sycophants. He wears Converse and band shirts, laughs at his own goofy jokes and plays drums in the KDGE cover band, The Ronnie Dobbs Band. And now more people will get to know Alan Ayo. He recently moved from the midday shift to the Edge of Night position from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

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I ate all those cabbage rolls so don't blame Pete.

I have read alot of your reviews and have come to the decision that your reviews are based purely on your own idea of whats good and what isn't. Change your view and try to develope of whats markitable and what isn't. You said you where some what of a DJ yet you have gone back to it.

Don't lift your leg you just might crap in it.


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