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Best Shopping Improvement Dallas 2004 - Sam Moon Trading Co.'s new Dallas location

The new Sam Moon is only a stumble away from the old Sam Moon on Harry Hines Boulevard, but the larger parking area feels like a whole new world. The crowds are still crazy, and the patrons are still overly aggressive, but with more space, there's less a chance of injury. Who are we kidding, though? They could move Sam Moon to an un-air-conditioned warehouse in the bowels of the suburbs, and we'd still make the jaunt for the shiny baubles and "designer-inspired" handbags. We blame it on the cheap, sparkly chandelier earrings; we swear they hypnotize us.

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Beverly Nagy
Beverly Nagy

I have a new gaming table that will be coming on the market soon. Am looking for shops that will sell my gaming table and make money themselves. This game can either be placed on table as a table top game or has folding legs and can be played as gaming table. This is a six sided gaming table. If interested contact me at e-mail address.


Beverly Nagy


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