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Best Show No One Sees Dallas 2004 - Bobby Jack Pack Show Comedy Show

From the warped mind of local photographer Bobby Jack Pack Jr. comes one sick, twisted and absolutely hysterical sketch comedy show. The show, started more than a decade ago, stars a rotating cast and is filmed, well, whenever the hell they feel like it. Same goes for the airing, too, as the BJPSCS randomly shows on public access television or at theaters like the Magnolia, which has aired it in conjunction with other local indie-film projects. Sketches involve anything from a grown man in a green sequined leotard pumping gas on Live Oak Street while on his way to a "dance audition" to a woman finding a severed head in her credenza and simply tossing it out the front door to create a grisly traffic obstacle. It's like Dallas' own Mr. Show. Thankfully, DVDs are available on the Web site since the show's airings are often anyone's guess.

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Dick Blue
Dick Blue

Not only is it the Best Show that you'll never see, BJP also has the bestest website that you can't get to! It appears that his site has been hijacked by Chinese dissidents, or maybe anarchists, or maybe space aliens, or maybe.....


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