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Best Dance Club Dallas 2005 - Lizard Lounge

Lizard Lounge

Lizard Lounge

2424 Swiss Ave.

Dallas, TX 75204


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Really, if you get drunk enough, you can get your groove on at most any nightlife spot in Dallas. That said, we'd much rather you take your drunk ass out of Taco Cabana (no, the salsa bar isn't a good place to strike up the Macarena) and shake your tailfeathers all the way to the Lizard Lounge, where dancing isn't just abundant--it's downright mandatory. What has set Lizard Lounge apart for years is its booking, with superstar DJs like Qbert, Mix Master Mike and Paul Oakenfold. In addition, Dallas' goth beauties still hold court on Thursday and Sunday nights for The Church, which means even pale, awkward dancers can throw on some leather and see what the fuss is about. But you might wanna change before heading to Taco C afterward.

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