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Best Garden Design Source Dallas 2005 - Dallas Arboretum Trial Gardens

The myth about Dallas is that you can't garden here because of bad soil and hot weather. The truth is that you can garden here, but you have to grow the right stuff--often not what the nurseries are bringing in by the 18-wheeler load and pushing in their ads. The Dallas Arboretum, in partnership with Texas A&M University, has been raising garden plants in test beds for several years now, trying to find out what really can grow in Dallas and what really cannot. The beds themselves and the staff associated with the effort, especially plant guru Jimmy L. Turner, comprise the best resource any serious gardener can hope to find in this region.
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I want to put in some nice flowers and other shrubbery that will enhance my yard's look.  The only thing I know is that I want the yard to exude many different colors.  Are garden designers able to lend a hand as far as artistic recommendations and ideas?  If they could, that would take a whole load of pressure off my shoulders.

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