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Best Other Suburban Pizza Place Dallas 2005 - Paparazzi Pizza

Paparazzi Pizza

Paparazzi Pizza

2145 N. Josey Lane

Carrollton, TX 75006


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There are a few magic words when it comes to pizza: "delivery," "wood-burning oven," "stuffed crust," "extra pepperoni." The new spot at Josey Lane and Keller Springs Road forces you to pick up the damn pie. We don't see a big open flame anywhere behind the counter. Guess you can order extra pepperoni, though. And pay with a credit card--the other magic words. Paparazzi Pizza serves the usual "works" and "supreme" pies heaped with meat, olives, tomato sauce, etc. But they also bake six different olive oil-based pizzas. These are unique and flavorful. No red sauce, just a nice crust and a dollop of olive oil supporting such ingredients as roasted eggplant, kalamata olives, capers, tarragon, pine nuts and whole roasted garlic. The eggplant version sits on an amazing black pepper crust. A pie called "tomato tango" features both sweet sun-dried and herbal seasoned veget...fruits. Whatever. There's other stuff, too, including babaganoush, kabobs and gyros. Think the owners must be furriners or something. After all, no Texan thinks of the Mediterranean when they ponder the origins of pizza.
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