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Best Place to Work Out Dallas 2005 - Richland College Fitness Center

So it's not your fancy 24-Hour Fitness or Bally's, but the fitness center at Richland College is quite the bargain. For 20 bucks a month, you have access to free weights, Cybex machines and a glute-load of cardio arsenal. And if the time is right, the outdoor pool is worth the plunge. You don't even have to be a student...sort of. The center is offered under Richland's Continuing Education curriculum. Although listed as a class, there are no teachers or times, so just log in and work out for a fraction of the price.

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bvckvs topcommenter

The downside of the college's athletic center is that students who are enrolled in the college are not generally allowed to work out there.  To gain admission, they have to pay a monthly membership fee - which is about the same as is charged by private gyms in the Dallas area.

Students enrolled in the physical education class are allowed limited access, but it's not necessary - since Richland offers it's PE class as an online course.