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Best Public Sculpture Dallas 2005 - The Blue Dot

You're driving east on Main toward Deep Ellum, down around Harwood, and all of a sudden this huge blue orb starts to appear in the distance, sort of floating out there over the street. But you can't quite tell where or what it is. As you approach, it grows, but as you near the I-45 overpass, it falls apart and more or less disappears. It is "The Blue Dot," a sculpture actually built and painted on four separate freeway overpasses, a wonderful optical illusion created by Rory Villanueva, an architect with the Beck Group. The Blue Dot was a joint project of the Downtown Improvement District and the Texas Department of Transportation. Assembled in September 2004, it includes metal wrappings of bridge pillars to make them into ceremonial pylons at the gateway into Deep Ellum. It's all very cool.

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"Walking to the Sky" Nasher Sculpture Center, 2001 Flora St. 214-242-5100
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It was my first time in Dallas. I haven't seen anything like this "Blue Dot" in New York (yet)...makes the city unknowingly interesting.


In Chicago we have an �Art Walk� with outdoor sculptures and paintings by famous artists. I have never seen anything like this �blue dot� before. Thanks for sharing � I think Dallas is getting there�it�s definitely different!


We visited Dallas this spring and passed through this Blue Dot, reminds me of an exhibit we saw at the Tate a few years ago.

Very nice!


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