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Best Way to Get Car Stuff Done Without Going Anywhere Dallas 2005 - C.A.R.S.

Every time we get our oil changed, we wait in that little dingy lobby and feel like we're sitting outside the principal's office. We deserve a lecture. We've waited long past that whole three months/3,000 miles guideline because of the simple problem of scheduling. The problem is that on the way to work, the oil change places are packed, and the same goes for lunchtimes. Good luck getting us to remember to break up the afternoon with a 50-minute jaunt only to have them try to sell us on filters. We heard about C.A.R.S. (short for Texas Corporate Auto Repair Service) and had to give props for an amazing idea. C.A.R.S. techs show up at your office in a Mobile Service Center and perform inspections, oil changes, window repair, engine diagnostics, bodywork and most everything else. C.A.R.S. even sets up agreements with office buildings so that select parking spaces are reserved for their services. C.A.R.S. is only servicing the Addison area right now. But maybe if we keep on them, they'll make their way south. C'mon, how 'bout it?
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This is a fantastic idea, and I think it definitely should be introduced in all states and thoroughly marketed. It saves the customers’ time and gives business to the repair shops. Imagine all those customers turning away just because of long waiting time after working all day? With this car service, the repair shop would be able to service all the clients throughout the day, instead of crammed in one or two periods. Understandably, it most likely means customers will not be able to replace certain car parts on the go, but for normal servicing, this idea is perfect.


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