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Best Aquarium Supplies Dallas 2006 - Dallas North Aquarium

Dallas North Aquarium wasn't going to let a little disaster put them out of business. Though a fire devastated their sales floor and fish room on May 4, they never closed the store, selling supplies out of the back during rebuilding. We visited just days before the fire, so we could tell that when they reopened in July, the store was better than ever. Beautiful saltwater, freshwater and planted display aquaria greet you near the front door, and the store offers pretty much any aquarium supply you could ever want--including great bargains on used equipment and a full complement of respected brands such as Eheim, Hikari and Oceanic. Is your fire eel desperate for frozen bloodworms? On the hunt for a bunch of ludwigia repens? Have no idea what live rock is? Your quest will inevitably lead you here.
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I had no idea that they were still selling even when rebuilding.  That is some dedicated business right there!  Actually, I need to get some aquarium supplies for my girlfriend.  She loves that stuff, so I want to get her something for the tank she has.  I am sure a business like this could help me pick something out!


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