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Best Art Support Dallas 2006 - ART is ART

We like art. We like supporting local artists. We hate the dearth of places that offer pieces by local artists. We're not talking about galleries or studios that just hang paintings or photos, we're talking about shops that offer a selection of works you can wander through. We want to walk in and peruse wall art, furniture, decorative objects, jewelry and more, knowing that among the fanciful items there are local artists waiting to be discovered. ART is ART is such a place. The Lakewood storefront run by mom and daughter team Renata Holder and Carrie Stollings is replete with one-of-a-kind items ranging from mid-century side tables to ultra-modern chairs, from abstract floral paintings to landscape photography, from blown-glass vases to plastic ashtrays. The store has a friendly vibe that's only natural since the gals are so supportive of local creatives. Thus, we were naturally drawn to supporting them.
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Dear ladies and gentlemen! Hoping for nobleness of your aspirations to prosperity and education of the people and restoration of the destroyed bases of the truth and true, I ask you to find possibility to assist in attraction of patrons of art, in appearance of the unique illustrated monography "The Fine arts and poetic creativity" (author's orthodox poetry, painting, including for the first time in graphic art - Ten Zapovedej Zakona Bozhija (Ten Precepts of God) in 7 pictures, "Spiritual and criminal" in 7 pictures, etc., an iconography, including bas-relief, desktop multifigured sculptural compositions (the mixed technics), united in a uniform narration also an author's publicistic material on actual problems of the modern world in the tideway of idea of accusation and change eradication to christian values. The information stated in the book represents a great interest for any levels of population, will help them in opening of new horizons of knowledge and understanding, familiarising to noble and fine, healing and strengthening of spirit and will serve as the worthy contribution to the base of a cultural heritage. Computer imposition of the book, its volume 20 CDs of disks is made. It is necessary to perform typographical works: format �, 200 p., full colour, white paper of the first-rate quality, firm cover (on mutually acceptable, production sharing, - a circulation part, a profit share, my gratitude in the end of the book, my picturesque cloth in a gift, creative and business cooperation etc.) . The most holy Patriarch Moscow and all Russia ALEXIE II has given to the written blessing on the edition. I Will be grateful for your answer, the shown attention and support. 8-495-701-03-73 home telephone number, 8-917-569-79-02 mobile phone. E-mail: The post address: 111672, Moscow, NOVOKOSINSKAYE, 38-1-128. Stefan Ivanovich Zagrebelnye (the poet, the artist, the publicist). Yours faithfully, Stephan Zagrebelnye. The passport. 45 05 209234. It is given out OVD "New-KOSINO" Moscow. Date of delivery 27.02.2003. Division 772-045 code. ZAGREBELNYE STEPHAN IVANOVICH. The Date of birth 17.12.1948. The Birthplace of mountains. Moscow. P.S. Assuming possible limitation in means I ask you in this case about partial participation in the edition by a subscription principle. Bank requisites for transfer:Reseiver`s correspondent - THE BANK OF NEW YORK NEW YORK, NY, USASWIFT - IRVT US 3NAccount With Institution - SBERBANK, MOSCOW (HEAD OFFICE � ALL RUSSIAN OFFICES AND BRANCHES)SWIFT - SABRRUMMNumber account beneficiary 42307.840.3.3812.4900380Beneficiary customer - Zagrebelnye Stephan Ivanovich Russia, 111672, Moscow, Novokosinskaye, 38-1-128P.P.S. In view of perfect uniqueness of product: in the world it has been never published monography simultaneously the poet, the artist and the publicist who for the first time in history has reflected in painting of Ten Precepts of God, Spiritual and criminal, the Gospel, the Koran, the Kingdom, etc., in poetry the love lyrics from monarchic positions was never published, and the antibolshevist publicism across modern Russia, - is possible the organisation of the international advertising and a subscription, and further carrying out of a mobile art exhibition with poetic evenings, with the invitation of executors for art recitation with music underneathand singing with corresponding music underneath. 2. It is useful and is productive for success has put also educations to make a video topic for display on TV.I will be grateful to you for the information on results.


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