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Best Attitude Adjustment Dallas 2006 - Dr. Lynne Auerbach,
Uptown Chiropractic

Dr. Lynne (as she prefers to be called) tackles migraines, aching joints and that nagging pain in your lower back (you know the one) with no pretense, just a skilled hand and one helluva friendly staff. Her practice, Uptown Chiropractic, is a sanctuary of healing, conveniently located near lunch hot spots and errand destinations, so there's no excuse not to fit a visit into that busy schedule. After a lifetime of headaches, a couple of wreck-related injuries and a fear of chiropractors, we've found our savior in the one who made them all things of the past. Plus, the office throws these festive patient appreciation events that make us feel, well, appreciated. It's a doctor visit we never dread. And that's saying something.
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Dr. Lynne is the worst chiropractor I have ever met. She is very agressive, racist, and rude. Recently she has had numerous staff members leave her office because she was not willing to change her ways. I do not recommend anyone attend her facility but instead attend Blackwell Chiropractic. Dr. Lynne takes your money. She is very money hungry. Every patient that is over weight she tends to pick on and try to get them to do this diet called ISOGENIX. She and her "partner" gets money off of everyone that signs up for the diet plan. She tries to make people think she does it also but she cheats. She eats fattening foods all day and talks about others. She always says rude things about her patients behind their back and only prefers the ones who she thinks have money. She doesn't care about the well being of her patients nor her STAFF members (when she has some). I pray that God changes her ways so that she is able to substain her facility but I TRULY DOUBT SHE WILL. Good luck to whoever overlooks this comment and attends her "care". But I am warning you in advance. SHE IS FAKE!!!!


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