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Best Auto Repair Shop Dallas 2006 - Advantage Tire Pros

One of the perks of working for the Dallas Observer is that right across the street from our soulless glass office is a rather unusual automotive service and repair shop. Advantage Tire Pros, which also specializes in brakes, shocks, alignment and minor repair jobs, has this quirky business philosophy by which they don't try to screw you once you turn over your car to them. They also stick to their quoted estimate, which is almost always better than anyone else we've tried. They do exactly what you want them to do and return your car on time. Then, in an act that should qualify them for sainthood, your car remains fixed long after you take it home. Their customer service is so friendly, you almost regret that their work is so good you won't be seeing them anytime soon.
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Do not buy tires from this place. They do not warranty their tires. They sold me tires that I could not get to stay balanced. I had these tires balanced 4 times twice by them, once at discount tire, and another at the vehicle manufacturer, all with the result of the tires going out of balance within a few days. When I asked about what they would do they laughed at me and said I could buy another set but that they would not help me on the cost. I took my business to Discount tire where I bought a decent set of tires and they have been balanced since day one. This company is a rip off and they are not trustworthy. Not nice to customers at all. Who doesn't warranty their products at minimum during the first 30 days. I was completely dissatisfied with this company, I will never do business with them again, and I have already instructed the company I work for not to take our vehicles over there for new tires. Be smart and go to a reputable company instead of this place.


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