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Best Barbecue Dallas 2006 - Baker's Ribs

Baker\'s Ribs

Baker's Ribs

4844 Greenville Ave.

Dallas, TX 75206-4120


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Readers' Choice: Dickey's Barbecue Pit, Various locations
Tough call here. Perennial Dallas favorite Peggy Sue BBQ whips up a mighty fine pulled-pork sandwich, and its ribs, brisket and sides are equally tasty, but for straight-up, down-home, Texas-style barbecue with just the right amount of smoke and fall-off-the-bone tenderness, we have to give the edge to Baker's Ribs (this year, anyway). It's no surprise that Baker's emphasizes ribs in its name. Slow-cooked but never dry, not overly greasy and dipped in a peppery but restrained sauce, Baker's ribs melt in your mouth like a meat Fudgesicle and will having you sucking on the bones like...well, you can insert your own double entendre here, but smutty comparisons aside, these things are damn good. Add in an equally smoky side of pinto beans and some lightly creamy coleslaw and you have a meal fit to make a cowboy weep for joy. Our advice though: Take your order to go. A frenzy of meat lust is best enjoyed in private. Besides, we're talking barbecue here, so you're probably gonna need to take a shower after you're done rolling in them bones.
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my b day next week what can u do for me


im a fan of bakers. dallas doesnt have much to offer when it comes to top notch q but bakers is probably the best. however, the fort has Angelo's which is greatness. coldest beer and ribs falling off the bone. also, railhead isnt too bad either.

Craig Spitzberg
Craig Spitzberg

Not impressed. Meats tasted more baked than smoked. I know of at least a dozen better places in town for Q. Chips - No Fries!


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