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Best Brazilian Market Dallas 2006 - Coisas Do Brasil

In the Brazilian Amazon the locals favor a thick red juice that tastes best when it's served in a wooden bowl. The juice, called acai, comes from little berries that grow high in trees. Until recently, acai wasn't available in the United States--even finding it outside of the Amazon was tough. Now you can buy it online in powder form. But the closest thing you're going to get to the real stuff is bought in pulp. Locally it's at Coisas Do Brasil. They also sells candies unique to Brazil, such as bananas sprinkled in sugar.
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En� Corr�de Vasconcelos Junior
En� Corr�de Vasconcelos Junior

I know very weel this store, because I live in Dallas TX eight years. All employes so nice and the all food and others thinks so good and with a nice price.

Claudia the manager the one has in 2661 Midway road is a very very nice girl



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