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Best Coffeehouse Dallas 2006 - Standard & Pours Coffee

Readers' Choice: Standard & Pours Coffee, 1409 South Lamar St.
Go ahead, you buttoned-down, 9-to-5, bourgeois automatons, buy your coffee from The Man at Starbucks. Dig it: We free-spirited alternative types will use our java dollars to stick it to the man at Standard & Pours, a cool, locally owned shop in the basement at Southside on Lamar lofts. There, we can dream of a proletarian nirvana whilst perusing the pages of...The Wall Street Journal? OK, so maybe you won't find a copy of the commie-friendly People's Weekly World there. But your hard-earned dollars will help a small business in its legal battle with financial services giant Standard & Poor's, which sued the shop recently over alleged trademark infringement. You can take your stand while sitting on comfy couches, grooving to the occasional live music performance, sipping a silky-smooth house blend of joe and munching on a variety of delicious baked treats. Hey, even a revolutionary likes brownies--even the hashless kind. Besides, you can check on how your 401-K is doing while you strategize against The System.
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Linda Hottel
Linda Hottel

Standard & Pours has some of the best live music I have come across in a long time, nothing comes across as canned. Great attmosphere, excellent choices of liquid libation, great place to bring visiting friends who want to sample a real taste of Texas.


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