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Best Deli Dallas 2006 - Deli News

Deli News

Deli News

17062 Preston Road

Dallas, TX 75248


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Readers' Choice: Cindy's New York Delicatessen, Various locations
Our heart always sinks a bit whenever a Dallas business boasts that it has a true "New York-style" anything. Most often that means that someone has hung up a few black-and-white posters of the Manhattan skyline, maybe a shot of King Kong atop the Empire State building, and is serving up ersatz slices of what passes for the Big Apple in these parts. New York-style in Dallas is usually about as legitimate as those Louis Vuitton handbags peddled on the streets of NYC. Truth is, we don't know much about New York, but we know what we like in a deli: crisp, garlicky pickles that are dropped on your table the minute you're seated; crunchy complimentary bagel chips in regular and rye; lean, salty pastrami piled skyscraper high on soft marble rye; chicken noodle soup with real egg noodles floating in a broth that tastes like it's never seen the inside of a can. You want lox and bagels? Deli News ships theirs in from New York. Want to do your Seinfeld impersonation? They have black and white cookies along with a whole counter of baked treats. Smoked fish, egg creams, phosphates and a host of Jewish delicacies find space on a huge menu that almost requires a Yiddish-to-English dictionary to read. Is it true New York? Who cares? It's a lot closer and has to be just as good.
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Weinburgers is hands down the best deli around. I have been a customer of Dan's since he opened and will continue to be as long as I am in DFW. Try the Italian beef or the Dagwood and some of his famous matzah ball soup. You wont be dissappointed.


If you like New York style, just wait till you get a whiff of Chicago style as the windy city blows pure flavor into the dallas area. Weinbergers Delicatessen in downtown Grapevine should have been the hands down favorite for all deli enthusiasts. If quality cuts of thinly sliced cornbeef on a full bodied rye bread, perhaps with a slice or two of the finest swiss cheese, and just a hint of deli mustard makes your stomach sit you down and have a heart to heart then this is the place to end all stomach rumblings. Or if your just looking for a lite chat while you enjoy a hearty and highly satisfying combination corned beef and pastrami reuben the likes of which are unrivaled, the staff is always entertaining and accommodating, set to help you with anything you bring their attention to. Something lite? Go for the Infamous Chicago-Style Hotdog, 100% all beef hotdog on a poppyseed bun, topped with mustard, the ever intriguing Green Relish imported from the windy city, chopped onion, two tomato slices, a couple of sport peppers (which is a close relative of the tobasco pepper for those inquireing minds), a thin slice of pickle, and to top it all off a dash of celery salt making this colossus frank more than enough to make mouths happy. And if thats not enough to make you think about grabbing your keys and heading over just to say hi we also have 500+ other deli style sandwiches catering to even the most simple of sandwiches and because vanity is their weakness, if you create something unique and delicious you could even get your name on their brand new menu board in their celebrity sandwiches column and get your picture on the wall. So go see Deli Dan or "Mr. Chicago" as some call him and be lucky enough to have the master show you how real food should make you feel. Find Dan and the Crew on Main st. in Grapevine or order online at you wont be disappointed and youll never leave hungry.


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