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Best DMN critic Dallas 2006 - David Dillon, ex-Dallas Morning News

An insightful writer in spite of--or perhaps because of--his reflective hatred of everything suburban, Dallas Morning News architecture critic David Dillon was a must-read in a city that is rapidly redefining how it looks. As new high-rises sprang up overnight, Dillon deftly cataloged the good, the bad and the sprawling, often making you wish planners had bothered to consult him personally before breaking ground. His reporting and commentary on Victory Park was fascinating, illustrating how the project emphasizes "streets, blocks and squares" unlike most of the city's flashy throw-'em-ups, which only look terrific from far away. Also memorable, his dressing-down of the horrific new shopping center at McKinney and Pearl. Dillon could be pretentious. His coverage of "Forward Dallas" was confused. But like all good critics, his value system was transparent. With Dallas battling futilely against suburban sprawl and urban blight, Dillon, yet another fine columnist lost to readers by the DMN's recent get-out/buyouts, pointed the way to what a real city could look like.
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Mary Freeman
Mary Freeman

Is there a way to contact David Dillon -- possibly by snail mail? Email or phone are great too. What media outlet does he work for now? I recently read a book about buildings that were endangered, particularly in Detroit (where I am from) and I would like to contact David Dillon with a letter about trying to save some of these buildings.

Thank you for your help in this matter!


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