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Best Flooring Selection Dallas 2006 - Floor & Décor

When you bought your house 30 years ago, you remember thinking, "This olive shag carpet is where it's at." Or maybe you used a word such as "groovy" or "boss." No matter your past floor-covering transgressions, Floor & D?cor will help you atone. We drooled over beautiful tumbled travertine and glossy black marble. We marveled at the reasonable prices on laminate--starting at just 69 cents a square foot. We've had friends come from as far away as Denton and Canton to shop at this warehouse of wondrous flooring options. They also carry structural and decorative items such as sinks, mirrors and moldings. We'll keep mum about the shag, as long as you don't tell anyone about our blue scallop-shell sinks. Hmm, meet ya there?
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When we first moved into our house we had light pink carpet. Over time it got really dirty and began to be discolored. Now I didn't really like the pink carpet in the first place but it matched the paint on the walls. Well we painted the walls and the carpet is the next thing to go.


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