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Best Gun Shop Dallas 2006 - Ray's Sporting Goods

If you want a Wal-Mart-sized selection of guns, go to Cabela's. But if you're looking for a gun to place under your pillow and you want the man who sells you that gun to treat you like a friend and not just another customer, go to Ray's Hardware and Sporting Goods. At Ray's, the men behind the glassed-in counters understand that buying a gun is a personal decision. Some gun owners want a pearl handle on their six-shooter. Others want a chrome-plated sawed-off shotgun. And some want the same model gun Robert E. Lee used during the Civil War. At Ray's they've got all that and more, which is why this is the favorite spot of elephant hunters and SWAT team leaders.
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dallas guns dude
dallas guns dude

That sounds alike a great place to find some guns. There is nothing more frustrating than working with someone who can't answer your questions and doesn't know anything about guns.


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