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Best Haircut for Non-Metrosexuals Dallas 2006 - Willie & Coote Salon

For any guy who likes women and hates Ryan Seacrest, finding a good place to get your hair cut can a cumbersome quest. On one end of the grooming spectrum are the Super Pro Clips of the world, whose sense of aesthetics is betrayed by their locations in depressing strip malls. Ten bucks with Edward Scissorhands--well, you get what you pay for. Even more annoying are the trendy hair salons who charge you 50 bucks or more to look like the third member of Wham! Occupying the lonely middle ground between these two types of establishments is Lakewood's Willie & Coote Salon, where they keep guys looking like guys, only with an appropriate dash of style. They can texture your hair--thin out the thick parts--without making you look like an anchorman. And they'll keep you neat and tidy without turning you into a slick North Dallas prick. For some of us, that's no small feat.
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