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Best Locksmith Dallas 2006 - Golden's Keys

Your Ford Expedition's car key with the fancy transponder inside pooped out? Golden's Keys can make, cut and reprogram it for $60, cheaper than many dealerships, and they'll do it in 20 minutes. Lock yourself out of said vehicle? They'll come to your rescue. Threw out the lover who talked you into buying that overpriced SUV in the first place? They'll change the locks on your house after-hours if necessary. (Right now, Golden's only does Ford transponder keys but hopes to add more manufacturers in the future.) This may be a number to keep on the refrigerator door.
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I am trying to find a place that does quick locksmith jobs.  I always had issues with trying to find one in my area that didn't take an hour to reprogram. this one does it in 2o minutes which is pretty awesome.


The other day my cousin get locked out of her car and panicked because she didn't know how to go about finding a company that could help her get into her car. I decided to learn from her experience and do some research before I ever get into a situation like that. I hope I will be able to find a good company near me that I can depend on when I get into a pickle and am locked out of my car.
Emily Smith |


$60 is pretty good do them come to me and do it? any onsite stuff? Does any of it come with warranties? I was looking to get reprogrammed for my key. I was reading in that A-1 Locksmith does it for $ that even possible i mean would they even make a profit?


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