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Best Outdoor Fiesta Dallas 2006 - The Patio at Matt's Rancho Martinez

The Patio at Matt\'s Rancho Martinez

The Patio at Matt's Rancho Martinez

1904 Skillman St.

Dallas, TX 75206


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A friend once said, "Well, you know it's a good patio if my mother will sit there." She went on to discuss the cool temperatures, ease of seating and the lively but not too intrusive atmosphere required to appease her high-maintenance madre. We had one in mind, but she had already begun to confirm, "She'll really only sit on the patio at Matt's." Matt's Rancho Martinez has been a long-time provider of mouth-watering Tex-Mex to the residents of Lakewood and beyond, but over the years, the restaurant's patio has become a beloved place to experience said mouth-watering. Festive lights, ample shade and rustic tables offer a homey feel and Old World vibe while the cold beer and hot food are nothing but fresh.
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On the Grand Opening date at the Cedar Hill location we were turned away, we were told that the computer wasn't working properly and that they would only take people who were on the waiting list. We returned again last night and we were told that they were closing at 9:00p.m. and because the wait was 45mins they were not adding people to the waiting list. Matt's has this temporary attitude because the other restaurants scheduled to be in Uptown Village aren't open yet. Step up your game or allow another restaurant who will be open with working computers to take over the lease.


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