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Best Place to Get (Nearly) Naked Dallas 2006 - Massage Envy

Massage Envy

5500 Greenville Ave.

Dallas, TX 75206

214-575-ENVY (3689)

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Sometimes, you just want to take off all your clothes and have someone rub lotion all over your body--in the middle of a workday. Before Massage Envy came along, the only way of fulfilling this basic human need was to deal with some unsavory characters over on Northwest Highway. But now, every respectable achy back with $39 can call upon a certified massage therapist for aid at a moment's notice. The Massage Envy mantra is this: Everyone deserves a professional, affordable massage. Walk-ins are welcome, and members even more so, though the $39 is only for first-timers. After you join, a $49 monthly fee gets you one hour-long massage and discounts on subsequent massages. Tell your boss you're taking a long lunch today. You've got to go lie around in your underwear for an hour.
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Don't go to the location in Allen... it has horrible management... they will lose your appointment on the system... and when you walk in for your massage they will admit they remember making that appointment... but it just isn't in the computer anymore... hmmm, strange... this has happened before, they said... come back another time... and then you get to watch another client walk in to your appointment as you stand there more stressed than you were when you walked in the door! Horrible service.

Cowboy Therapist
Cowboy Therapist

Is this an article for massage or for prostitution? What basic human needs are your implying?

A professional therapist doens't rub lotion...they don't rub anything;they preform soft tissue manipulation. Clients, also, don't sit around in their underwear, they are properly drapped at all times.

The clients can be just as unsavory. Don't be surprised at the number of clients that go in expecting a "happy ending" or just jack-off on the sheets and leave.

I find your article offensive and very sterotypical of someone who does not know or understand the professional work of massage therapist.


they really do a great job -- can't beat the price


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