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Best Reason to Outlaw Skating Dallas 2006 - The Rise of Roller Derby

Someone in Austin is gonna pay for this. When the all-female roller derby leagues of Central Texas reared their heads during our college days, we thought it was novel enough--after all, we almost went to a match once to catch And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead. Thankfully, we abstained, so we can't count ourselves responsible for the derby's spread to DFW and beyond. Judging by the growing ranks of local leagues such as Assassination City Derby and the Dallas Derby Devils--and all their blood make-up, lame tattoos and piercings--the metroplex has more than its fair share of strained father-daughter relationships. Now that the A&E series Rollergirls has been canceled, we can all hope that this obnoxious trend will be similarly short-lived. All right, we get it already. You chicks are tough. Can we have the Double Wide back now?
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Did you know that the Double Wide is OWNED by rollergirls? So you can have it back if they ever sell the place. *insert eye rolling emoticon here*

Please take this obnoxious post down. The roller derby girls from either league did NOTHING to you. Whoever wrote this commentary is obviously a self conscious hipster who's so critical of everything that they can't allow themselves to have fun. What a sad life.


I'm really glad I live in Seattle, where our local media is supportive of our efforts to build a sport and business from the ground up. We work hard, and we like to think that we have a positive impact on our community through our charity efforts, and that we provide strong role models for young women. I would imagine your hometown girls feel the same. I'm not sure why you feel the need to take vitriolic potshots at the girls - maybe you didnt make the league, or you hit on one and got rebuffed. ...Or maybe you guys are just those annoying hipster contrarians who don't like stuff because its popular.


Your mean, and no one likes you! Maybe if you were half attractive or had a better personality roller girls would actually talk to you and you could realize they are good people. Oh and most have designed their own tats and none got them so they could get your approval, So I give you a big fat BOOOOOOO! And yes you can have your vomit smelling, crappy bar tender with self-entitlement issues, crap hole of a bar back! If it stays open another year. OK I'm done you can go back to being a drone just like all your other post frat house friends.


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