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Best Roasted Chicken Dallas 2006 - Pollo Fiesta

At the Garland Road location, multiple TVs blare Mexican shows so you know this place is authentic. Pollo Fiesta's specialty is pollo asado, chicken roasted on a giant spit. Rubbed down with Mexican spices and falling off the bone, it's a great alternative to the ubiquitous rotisserie chicken. The charro beans are great, filled with chunky onions and peppers. The arroz has peas, carrots and kernels of corn. With hefty chunks of avocado the tortilla soup is darn good for fast food.
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lil sheba cherry
lil sheba cherry

Pollo Fiesta is great, though i cant quite get my hands around their management strategty. Food is great but at the one up on spring Valley dont seem to give a shit about the operations. Its lke they need to wake up and carpe diem boys. Great local and great food. Just need a lillle fire in the belly. Must make all their$$ down on hampton and got this is the diviorce. I mean guys get a pati0 out there,some beer and Chicas this Spring and kick some ass!!! Wake it up with some Red Bull or something. Richadson made this area wet now , so sell,sell, sell. Party party. I bring the thirsty and hungery chica. Muy mucho hungry Chicas!!!!YeY!!!



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