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Best Tailor Dallas 2006 - Art Tailor

It's not easy to get into the prosaic strip mall across from Mockingbird Station. Traffic is heavy, the driveway narrow and the stoplight fleeting. Even once you're there, it would be easy to miss the narrow storefront tucked into the corner under the shadow of the stairs. If you persist, though, your wardrobe will thank you. The friendly Mr. Wong and his staff at Art Tailor are magicians with a needle, whether you need a same-day hem or a custom suit from scratch. They'll fix your buttons so you can keep that belly in or let out your waistband so your gut can roam free, all at rates so reasonable you'll almost go out of your way to buy the wrong size.
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Andrea Cavaletto
Andrea Cavaletto

I just recently went to Art Tailor for alterations. I had the worse service ever from any alteration place I have been. I am new to the area and so I researched places online, read this article, and asked around my place of work and felt pretty confident entrusting them with a bridesmaid dress to take in at the bust and another semi-formal dress to take the straps up. Both dresses were messed up when I came back. So the guy convinced me to let them fix the problem with each dress. So I went back a week later and tried them on. The bridesmaid dress I could zip but the zipper was now exposed in the back where they had taken it in and the strap that was left was uneven from the front straps. So he said he wouldn't charge me for the semi-formal. (WOW, he should have replaced the dress!!! ) Then the other dress he said he would fix it, but he said he would not guarantee the dress would zip up. So I let him keep it. Later that day calling back telling him not to fix the dress. (he had lost my trust) Two days later went to pick the dress up and say I was not paying for the dress. So he took the dress said this is BullS**T! and walked away!! I had to pay for the dress, the wedding is in two weeks and was a special order. I will never use them again and warn anyone not to trust this tailor!!!


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