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Best Talent Agency Dallas 2006 - The Horne Agency

They say you gotta have a gimmick in showbiz. Well, a gimmick and an agent. The Horne Agency is a full-service, SAG-franchised talent agency representing adults and children in movies, television, commercials, industrials, radio, print and live performances. The agency, owned by co-founder Suzanne Horne, is a member of AFTRA/Screen Actor's Guild, Women in Film, Texas Association of Film/Tape Professionals and STAGE. She's known to be picky about whom she signs, but once you're in her fold she will go to the mat for you every time. It is as typical to see her at a far-flung suburban theater catching one of her actors in a low-profile stage show as it is to see her at a grungy art house faithfully watching one of her own in a low-rent indie film. That's loyalty, which is what many on her roster will tell you is one of her most outstanding attributes. Turn on your television and you'll see Horne Agency talent all over the place. Look, there's Bill Jenkins, Doug Miller, Cara Statham Serber and Denise Lee doing roles in national ad campaigns and TV series. Suzanne Horne gets the job done by getting actors jobs.
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Sammy Duckworth
Sammy Duckworth

My name is Sammy Duckworth. Its my dream to act, it makes me happy and I love to act and perfomr. I take theatre class and speech for experience, Ive done plays and improvs and skits. I love cameras and screens and audience. I am willing to work to the best of my ability, I take it seriously but I love to have fun with it. If your interested you can contact me at (870)-504-1400. Thank you..

Lucinda Hollis
Lucinda Hollis

My name is Lucinda Hollis and I am really in need of your help. I need some advice. My brother in law was a actor and broadway star in New York. He was on broadway with RAgTime when he past away. It was around the 9-11 in New York city. He was helping me to get my television talk show up and running. I was living in Oregon a the time. So I would fly back and forth from Oregon to Dallas so that I could take my studio production classes at DCTV located in Dallas. After he died I was very discouraged because he always helped and gave good advice in my endeavors. I am so self motivated now. I am wanting to get information on extra work in Dallas so that people can see my face more. My goal is to start my own television show in Dallas. I know that I can do this. It has been a long time goal of mine. I grew up in Grand Prairie and was raised in the same baptist church as kirk Franklin's wife Tammy Franklin. I have become good friends with Richard Pryor's ex wife Flynn Pryor whom I just recently lost touch with cause she moved to Florida after he died. I have a great personality and I know this show would do great things for the city of Dallas. Please let me know if you have any advice on talents agencies in the Dallas area. You will love the ideas I have for this television show. B.E.T and VH1 ask me to send a pilot, but I am looking to shoot from my home town. Please help!!!!!! Thanks so much for your time and attention. Lucinda Hollis


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