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Best TV News Anchor Dallas 2006 - John McCaa, co-anchor, News 8

Readers' Choice: John McCaa
John McCaa is a serious person. He has a master's degree in politics from the University of Dallas (not easy to get) and has been at WFAA since 1984, with a solid history of street reporting behind him. But look, how do you judge news anchoring, as opposed to news news? Let's be honest, McCaa is this year's best anchor because he has the best knitted-brow expression of somber authority and the best end-of-newscast chuckle. That's what you call range in the anchor biz. He also does those voice-over previews at the beginning of the newscast with just the right amount of energy, meaning he doesn't sound bored but doesn't sound like a used-car guy hawking repos either. We don't want to go on too much about the others who didn't make it in this category. Tracy Rowlett at Channel 11 was close, but his pompadour has been a little flat lately. Clarice Tinsley and Jane McGarry--their cute wore off awhile back. Karen Borta--still too cute. We know one thing: Nobody better put us in front of that camera. Don't even try. Did you hear that? We dare you. Try it. Just once.
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pauline propes-moss
pauline propes-moss

mr Mccaa, what is the different between michael vick and josh hamiton? they both had problems with something. vick had paid his dues. from what i've seen on josh, so has he. so what is it with these unidentified people whom are afraid to show their faces on television about why they are still after vick. i was watching you on the evening news at 6 p.m. you mention a fall out about michael vick getting the key to city from mr. caraway. what is it? this young man has paid his dues and aplogized what else is there for him to do? it is time for him to stand up and get a backbone. he should tell those cowards to take a hike; and start living his life.


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