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Best Unexpected Sunday Brunch Dallas 2006 - Coal Vines

Coal Vines

Coal Vines

2404 Cedar Springs Road

Dallas, TX 75201


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We love the pizza; it just may be the best in town, come to think of it (and we often do think about it--like, every other day). But, look. We hate to give this away. It's a pretty well-kept secret. It's not like we've seen you there at 11 a.m. on Sundays. We've looked, danged near every weekend. But, like, Coal Vines has a pretty extraordinary brunch. Three words: eggs Benedict pizza. Three more: sunny-side up pizza. Who woulda thunk it? Eggs on a pizza; almost sounds like a Sam Jackson movie. The sausage-broccoli rabe-banana peppers frittata's almost extraordinary; same goes for the one with crab and spinach. And we know one 3-year-old who can't get enough of the French toast; he thinks it's dessert, since it probably would pass as such at most other places. And did we mention the mimosas? No? Probably because after we have a few, we kinda get all quiet and reflective. Full, I think you call it. No--buzzed. Actually, they're kinda the same thing at Coal Vines.
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Coal Vines, worst place I've ever been to.... BAAAAAD!!!Customer service?? Not sure if that is a common word there ...well... rude, to the point where the general manager throw our champagne bottle cork over the bar ... cursing away!!! Well he had a bad day I guess...