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Best Way to Run a Railroad Dallas 2006 - Trinity Railway Express

As you pass over the traffic on Dallas' clogged freeways, lower your paper for a second and just look at them down there, sitting in their cars, spasmodically inching along as you zoom past overhead. Then thank us for telling you to take the Trinity Railway Express from Dallas to Fort Worth's gleaming T&P station. The ever-growing popularity of this line may be linked to the blossoming appeal of downtown living; downtown Fort Worth, that is. It also may be that the trains are invariably on time to the minute, 65 of them from Union Station to the heart of Fort Worth's vibrant central district. And at $4.50 a ticket, not only is it faster than driving, it's also cheaper.
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I usually take the train to work, it is nice to not have to sit in morning traffic. A few days ago, the rail way announced that they would be shut down for a few days while repairs are done on the rails. The last few days I have been driving to work and I am really missing the train! I wonder what they need to do repairs for. I hope they will be done soon!
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