Shopping & Services

  • MARKET: Rubber Maid

    Not long ago, a young newlywed couple came into Sara Lee Goff’s Plano store looking for the first piece of furniture for their new apartment. They needed a couch, and Goff had just the thing—a large, softly curved number, more a huge cushion than a sofa, but its ergonomic design was exactly what they were looking for. It was just… More >>
  • Best Record Store Employee

    C.J. at Good Records

    While he's not the only fountain of knowledge to be found at a Dallas record store (the old guys at CD Source could probably fill a canyon with all the records they've owned over the years), Good Records' C.J. Davis is undeniably the most enthusiastic, always eager to hip us to his latest musical discovery. You'll never see him roll… More >>
  • Best Grocery Two-Fer

    Tom Thumb and Central Market

    Whole Foods, we love you, but sometimes we need household cleaning products that aren't made with lemons (you also don't sell Fritos). Albertson's, you work, but you can't satisfy our craving for fresh basil pesto and imported chocolates. Until someone learns to combine these two extremes under one roof, Lovers and Greenville is still our best option. Tom Thumb's Old… More >>
  • Best Health Food Store

    Lower Greenville Whole Foods

    This is not a Best of award for every Whole Foods store on earth. This is specifically for the Lower Greenville store, because it has more East Dallas history than corporate Whole Foods probably even knows about. This store really started out across the street in the early 1970s when Harper's Head Shop began selling Tiger's Milk Bars and found… More >>
  • Best Grocery Store With Eye Candy

    Kroger Signature Store

    Rats. The milk's soured and the ground round's freezer-burned. Nothing to do for that but order in--again--or trek to the supermarket. It's a ponderous task, but the Kroger Signature Store on Mockingbird Lane offers some accoutrements other area grocers cannot and avoids those that make for a frustrating shopping trip. If you just need some garlic, why sift through 1,000… More >>
  • Best Men's Clothing Store

    Bass Pro Shops

    Keep your shirt on! We know you can't buy a suit at Bass Pro Shops. And we're not recommending it for skaters or head-bangers. Sheesh. Be a little broader-minded, OK? We're just saying that for a broad mid-range of casual and outdoorsy clothes, it's a great place to shop. The store brands, Redhead and Bob Timberlake, offer reasonably priced pants… More >>
  • Best Beginner Camping Store

    Academy Sports and Outdoors

    Tents and camp stoves and solar showers and all of that stuff you need for camping--at least in the lower to middle price range, it's all pretty generic nowadays. Everybody has the same brands. So the point is to pay the lowest possible prices. Academy consistently hits that mark, with fully stocked shelves and friendly salespeople who give you the… More >>
  • Best Quality Camping Store


    Sometimes people get the idea that REI is a camping store only for extreme rock-climbers and people who trek through the Alaskan wilderness, which is not really right. They have some of that stuff, but more of what they offer is aimed at the average family willing to shell out some extra bucks for equipment that will last. Small tents… More >>
  • Best Store for Conscientious Consumers

    Green Living

    In the years since they set up shop at the corner of Abrams and Gaston, Green Living has become much more than simply a store. Their seminars--including those on gardening, keeping chickens and being bat-friendly--are informative and usually include tasty baked goods. They've launched community efforts to keep electronics out of the landfill, and their Web site is a cornucopia… More >>
  • Best Tech Clothes

    Whole Earth Provision Co.

    Amazing "tech" fabrics have been invented for outdoor wear. They keep you dry but not sweaty, cool but not wet, warm but not itchy, even bugless. Whole Earth sells the best selection, including socks and caps in "Smartwool"-- real wool from real sheep but re-jiggered so it never gets scratchy. This is where you also can get Prana knickers in… More >>
  • Best Closet Swap

    Buffalo Exchange

    The closet swap always seemed like such a good idea in theory. You grab all the stuff you'll never wear, such as those disastrous purchases, made on a whim, now living rent-free in the back of your walk-in. Your friends do the same, and everybody trades. One girl's trash is another girl's treasure, right? Wrong. Turns out nobody really wanted… More >>
  • Best Custom Shirts

    Q Shirtmakers

    Your all-time favorite dress shirt is missing buttons or frayed at the collar and cuffs. Before it becomes Goodwill fodder, take it to Q Shirtmakers and have it cloned into custom-made duplicates. They do men's and women's shirts, suits and dresses and will find fabrics that don't itch, fade or fall apart. Custom clothing isn't out of the reach of… More >>
  • Best Place to Fix Flats (and Heels)

    VIllage Shoe Service

    Walk into the Village Shoe Service shop and you'll instantly know that Mr. B.H. Hawkins and his crew mean business--and they get plenty of it. Shoes, boots and sandals in various states of repair litter every corner awaiting "Hawk's" ministrations. He'll also work wonders on leather goods and luggage on the bench in back. Not only will Village Shoe fix… More >>
  • Best Vintage Clothing


    Need to party like it's 1969? This boutique is stuffed to the rafters with wearable vintage clothes reflecting the height of youthful fashion from the Laugh-In era. Go-go boots, macramé belts, minidresses, floppy hats, dashikis, Nehru shirts, poly flares, mod sunglasses--this is where the wardrobe of the Woodstock generation waits to be recycled. Owners Debbie Cardenas and Leslie Daum cheerfully… More >>
  • Best Clothing Sale

    FIG Finale

    Held a couple of times a year (most recently at the end of August), the Fashion Industry Gallery Finale sale gathers under one roof loads of designer markdowns from Dallas' highest-end retailers, including Tootsies, Forty Five Ten, Rich Hippie, Krimson & Klover, Turtletique, La Femme Couture, Elements, Octane, Friction, Crimson in the City and others. For a $10 entry fee,… More >>
  • Best Customer Service

    Nordstrom at NorthPark Center

    Here's the deal: At most mall retailers the salespeople treat the average shopper like an interruption and an annoyance. But at Nordstrom they not only try to find what you want and make sure that it fits (we dig their giant dressing rooms too), they'll go several extra miles to make you a loyal customer. We recently went on a… More >>
  • Best Tailor

    Art Tailor

    It's not easy to get into the prosaic strip mall across from Mockingbird Station. Traffic is heavy, the driveway narrow and the stoplight fleeting. Even once you're there, it would be easy to miss the narrow storefront tucked into the corner under the shadow of the stairs. If you persist, though, your wardrobe will thank you. The friendly Mr. Wong… More >>
  • Best Place to Flip Your Wig

    Lemmon Beauty Supply

    There can't be a much more ringing endorsement of a wig shop than seeing autographed photos of drag queens adorning the entryway. That is exactly what you find as you cross the portal of Lemmon Beauty Supply. Tucked away in a decidedly unglamorous strip center at Lemmon and Wycliff, this shop is nicknamed "Kentucky Fried Wigs" in a nod to… More >>
  • Best Trading Post

    Dallas Zoo Nature Exchange

    Are there times when you sit pondering what to do with this cow skull you found out in the field? Well, the answer is this little nook at the zoo. The Nature Exchange, located in the Lacerte Family Children's Zoo, is a trading post for items you find in nature. And that tire in the Trinity doesn't count. From interesting… More >>
  • Best Way to Get Your Logo On

    Keep U-N Stitches

    What do babies, bikers and brides have in common? They all can get apparel personalized at Keep U-N Stitches in Casa Linda. Owner Gina Maria Volpe, in business since 1997, and her two assistants can stitch everything from ladybug designs on babies' bibs and diaper covers to bikers' and rock bands' "sometimes unmentionable" logos on their shirts and caps. They'll… More >>
  • Best Mall Makeover

    NorthPark Center

    After a two-year, $170 million expansion and renovation that was 10 years in the planning, NorthPark, that grand old lady at the northwest corner of Northwest Highway and Central Expressway, has survived her facelift. Overseen by Nancy Nasher and David Haemisegger, the daughter and son-in-law of NorthPark developer Raymond Nasher, the expansion of Dallas' first great large-scale mall now includes… More >>
  • Best String of Purls


    Our grannies may have knitted to save money, but these days a handmade sweater from a designer pattern with handspun yarn can run well into three figures. To make sure you're not dropping stitches after dropping all that dough, get to know the nice knitters working at PassionKnit in Snider Plaza. They'll start you out slowly then ease you into… More >>
  • Best Auto Repair Shop

    Advantage Tire Pros

    One of the perks of working for the Dallas Observer is that right across the street from our soulless glass office is a rather unusual automotive service and repair shop. Advantage Tire Pros, which also specializes in brakes, shocks, alignment and minor repair jobs, has this quirky business philosophy by which they don't try to screw you once you turn… More >>
  • Best Convertible Repair

    Downtown Auto Upholstery

    Jerry Moreno and his son, Jordan, run this business and work together on everything from late-model roof replacements to antique restorations. Their prices tend toward the reasonable, and the work is solid. Body shops and car dealers know where to get rag-tops fixed, obviously, but it's harder for the average car owner. Repairing and replacing convertible tops is not a… More >>
  • Best Window Washers

    Nothing But Clean Window Cleaning

    Yeah, you really should get out there and scrub all that urban grime off your windows. How about doing it right now? You're not going to, are you? No, because it's a nasty job--scary, too, if you're talking second stories. So here's what you do: Call these guys. They have five trucks ranging around town. If it's not November or… More >>
  • Best Nipples

    Teter's Faucet Parts Center

    You had a leaky outdoor faucet you were gonna fix. You could have called a plumber, but you figured that would cost so much you might as well just torch the joint and go for the insurance. So now you're halfway through the plumbing job. It's old jack-leg pipes and stuff. You can't finish unless you find something called a… More >>
  • Best Barbershop

    Abbott's Barbershop

    So what's so great about Abbott's? Consistency. You're not going to get any haute coiffure at this traditional barber. No highlights, perms, layering--none of that crap. What you do get is a friendly welcome and good conversation, and no matter whose throne you settle on, you get a sharp, slick cut finished off with an honest-to-God straight razor. And don't… More >>
  • Best Short-Hair Stylist

    Henri Burgos, Montana Salon

    It's short hair we're talking about, not the height of the stylist. Henri Burgos stands tall among hair-snippers specializing in close 'dos. Such concentration. Such attention to detail. He seems to cut one hair at a time and still manages to turn out a snappy chop in an hour or less. Don't be surprised if he refuses to mow off… More >>
  • Best Haircut for Non-Metrosexuals

    Willie & Coote Salon

    For any guy who likes women and hates Ryan Seacrest, finding a good place to get your hair cut can a cumbersome quest. On one end of the grooming spectrum are the Super Pro Clips of the world, whose sense of aesthetics is betrayed by their locations in depressing strip malls. Ten bucks with Edward Scissorhands--well, you get what you… More >>
  • Best Dentist's Office

    Forest Park Dental Care

    Forest Park Dental Care may not be the fanciest office in Dallas, situated as it is in a nondescript low-rise office park just off Interstate 635. But when something's gone south in your mouth, you don't care about landscaping or leather waiting-room furniture. You want to get in quick, you want to get fixed right and you don't want to… More >>
  • Best Tooth Rotters

    NoKa Chocolate

    He was in Dutch and trying to make up for some pretty bad behavior, but when our man brought us NoKa chocolates in their distinctive and very snazzy stainless steel box, our heart melted and our mouth watered. These handcrafted bites of heaven are concocted from some kind of magic dark chocolate, a dollop of fresh organic cream and, who… More >>
  • Best Techno Do-Gooders

    G-C Partners, LLC

    If you think that deleted e-mail or trashed Word document is going to hide your tracks, think again. This small start-up can recover just about anything from any computer, becoming a quiet Dallas success story in less than two years. Their computer forensics techniques have drawn the attention of government agencies, large corporations and even civilians in tracking down the… More >>
  • Best Doggy Style


    Please, before you go spending 40 bucks at PetSmart on a marabou-cuffed jumper for your otherwise hip and dignified canine, get in the car and get your shih-tzu to Armhole. The boutique, recently relocated to the Mondrian Building in Uptown, features spunky, punky and modern clothing (for humans). The shop is beloved for its T-shirt press for which there are… More >>
  • Best Food
    for Fido

    City Pet Supply

    Right next door to City Vet, this shop carries lots of specialty items for dogs and cats, from embroidered pet placemats to beds in hip, contemporary fabrics, to natural, good-for-'em treats and grooming supplies. We also love their selection of Ezy Dog products--especially the neoprene-lined collars and bungee cord leashes. And when you finally figure out that the grocery-store brand… More >>
  • Best Duds
    for Purse Dogs

    Dog Specialties

    There are normal dogs and then there are pocket-sized canines that thrive on bonbons and never having to walk anywhere. We've lived with a mastiff, a German shepherd mix and a particularly feisty basset hound, and our pooches have never worn rhinestones, drunk bottled water or been named after a fairy. But if we did have a tiny yapper, we… More >>
  • Best Aquarium Supplies

    Dallas North Aquarium

    Dallas North Aquarium wasn't going to let a little disaster put them out of business. Though a fire devastated their sales floor and fish room on May 4, they never closed the store, selling supplies out of the back during rebuilding. We visited just days before the fire, so we could tell that when they reopened in July, the store… More >>
  • Best Fish Boutique

    The Fish Gallery

    Sure, PetSmart and Petco have goldfish. They have African cichlids. They might even have an oddball or two--a dojo loach or a black ghost knife. But once you step into the Fish Gallery, you won't think of buying fish anywhere else again. The store (recently expanded) is filled with tanks of amazing freshwater fish that you'll never see at a… More >>
  • Best Thrift
    in a Pinch

    Counter Culture (Deep Ellum)

    There comes a time in a hipster's life when decisions have to be made. The costume party is in two hours, and a decade must be decided upon. Will you wear '80s chic or '60s mod? These are the hard questions, especially when time is of the essence. Whatever your quandary, the Counter Culture store in Deep Ellum is guaranteed… More >>
  • Best Wrist Work

    Adventures in Synthetics

    In The Graduate, Mr. McGuire says it best: "I want to say one word to you. Just one wordÉAre you listening?...Plastics." He wasn't talking about jewelry, but it still applies. Especially when it comes to Adventures in Synthetics. Using plastics, as well as other uncommon materials such as foam and styrene, Dallas jewelry designer Mary Ann Atkinson creates unique pieces… More >>
  • Best Place to Get Naked in Front
    of Students

    Texas Massage Institute

    If you need regular massages to make your life and limbs loose again but don't want to work a second job to pay for it, the students at the Texas Massage Institute can give you a rubdown on the cheap. For only $30 an hour--nearly a third of the normal rate--students at TMI will give you the TLC you need.… More >>
  • Best Antique Show

    Buchanan Markets Antiques & Collectibles

    A few years ago an earnest but out-of-it Dallas publication of the local city monthly magazine variety, trying to break into the "Best of" field (fat chance!), described the monthly Buchanan Markets show at Fair Park as the city's best "flea market." Oh, no, no, no. Flea market it is not. Buchanan's, held toward the end of every month, except… More >>
  • Best Imitation of a Real Town Square

    The Legacy Town Center

    Plano's attempt at New Urbanism, the Legacy Town Center looks at first like a real town square featuring quirky shops, charming apartments, a movie theater and plenty of people happily ambling about on a Friday night. There's even a guy hanging out on a sidewalk, playing guitar. Of course, this vision of urban living is curiously homogenous--everything is all white… More >>
  • Best Charity Shop

    Gift and Resale Shop

    If you're looking for a toaster, coffee table, vintage toy, collectible mixing bowl to replace the one you broke, even a wedding dress, there's a good chance you'll find it at the all-volunteer Gift and Resale Shop, operated by its next-door neighbor, White Rock Center of Hope. Some 54 churches in the area and two civic organizations united in 1988… More >>
  • Best Place
    to Buy a Blind Date Coffee

    Old Town Starbucks

    We've seen it dozens of times at this tucked-away branch of the java chain. She comes in first, a little nervous, not sure exactly whom to make eye contact with. Order a frapp or wait to see if he shows up and offers to buy? She sits, checks her lip gloss, tries to look relaxed. Then he arrives: Dockers, Polo… More >>
  • Best Halloween High Fashion

    Dallas Costume Shoppe

    Halloween is really just around the corner, and it's never too early to begin preparing an outfit. Afraid of humiliating yourself by trotting out another unimaginative store-bought atrocity? Fear not, there is help. For more than 100 years--that's right, a century--Dallas Costume Shoppe has answered the call of Halloween revelers searching for the perfect ensemble. Owner Michael Robinson is on… More >>
  • Best Furniture Store

    Durango Trading Co.

    This huge store seems to go on forever, and it's crammed full of eclectic furniture and accessories with a Southwestern edge: Hand-tooled leather couches, rugged coffee tables, antique rugs, dining tables and chairs, lamps and art you don't see at generic furniture stores. Even if your house doesn't have a cowboy attitude, you can find pieces that mix and match… More >>
  • Best Flooring Selection

    Floor & Décor

    When you bought your house 30 years ago, you remember thinking, "This olive shag carpet is where it's at." Or maybe you used a word such as "groovy" or "boss." No matter your past floor-covering transgressions, Floor & Décor will help you atone. We drooled over beautiful tumbled travertine and glossy black marble. We marveled at the reasonable prices on… More >>
  • Best Florist

    Avant Garden

    Anyone can order blooms over an 800 number. If you want to send a unique flower arrangement, call Avant Garden, known for simple but lush flower displays in sleek containers, often with blossoms in one color mounded for impact. Avant has a reputation for touches of whimsy, like a live chrysalis with a due date for the butterfly tucked into… More >>
  • Best Light Fixtures

    Lights Fantastic

    The brightest bulbs have figured out that Lights Fantastic has the biggest selection of contemporary lighting in the city, with top brands such as George Kovacs, Lightolier and Foscarini. Check out their new Zaneen Gallery, with almost 100 examples of the European line's sleek, architecturally styled flush-mount fixtures, pendants and wall sconces. They've got art glass from Oggetti, WPT and… More >>
  • Best Place to Bag Good Tea

    Tempest Tea

    For a kinder, gentler approach to getting a caffeine buzz, Tempest Tea serves dozens of varieties of hot, iced and bubble teas. The menu includes black teas (hearty and strong such as Thunderbolt, full-bodied such as Black Toffee in Bed, and finessed and elegant such as Golden Sunrise), green teas (Jasmine Pearl, Dragon Well), white teas (White Snow and Apricots),… More >>
  • Best High-End Tiles

    French-Brown Floors

    You're putting in a dream kitchen. Why not dream big? French-Brown has specialty tiles--murals, hand-painted, Italian, mosaics, metallic, glass, marble--that you don't see at most tile retailers or Home Depots. Shopping the good stuff gives you ideas. Expensive, yes, but if you are tiling a backsplash or the wall behind a stove, you won't need much. Find the accents at… More >>
  • Best Locksmith

    Golden's Keys

    Your Ford Expedition's car key with the fancy transponder inside pooped out? Golden's Keys can make, cut and reprogram it for $60, cheaper than many dealerships, and they'll do it in 20 minutes. Lock yourself out of said vehicle? They'll come to your rescue. Threw out the lover who talked you into buying that overpriced SUV in the first place?… More >>
  • Best Carry-On Cosmetics


    Fly to London without moisturizer? Land in Paris sans gloss? With the new airline carry-on regulations making the "new normal" a new horror for the dry-complexioned and dusty-lipped, Lush offers what they swear are products that won't end up confiscated at the security gate. They sell moisturizers in solid form called "body butters." They also have solid shampoos, cleansing bars… More >>
  • Best Bling

    Om Imports

    You gotta love a shop that carries rhinestone tiaras and scepters for that little princess in your life. Om Imports has walls draped with inexpensive (seriously, like $4) necklaces, pendants, earrings, bracelets, rings and belts that glitter with imitation jewels. From fake diamond studs to chandelier earrings to necklaces guaranteed to turn your cleavage into a cascade of sparkle, Om… More >>
  • Best Flea Market


    Can't spend the time combing flea markets looking for cool stuff? Junkadoodle does it for you. This shop west of Inwood Village finds new and old stuff perfect for a casual home. (We usually hate plaques with cute sayings but almost made an exception for "Put on your big girl panties and deal with it." Almost.) Weathered dressers, funky chairs,… More >>
  • Best Paint Store

    Walnut Hill Paint Co.

    When you are painting your ceiling, paint from Lowe's will do. But serious painters head to Walnut Hill Paint for its variety and high level of service. Great for color-matching while you wait, the store carries ordinary brands such as Benjamin Moore but also stocks brands you may see in Metropolitan Home, including Pratt & Lambert, Martin Senour, Williamsburg Historical,… More >>
  • Best Shop for Rock 'n' Roll Cowboys

    Cowboy Cool

    With great gear for someone who will never get closer to a cow than steak at Del Frisco's, Cowboy Cool is a little shop with a big rhinestone heart. Our favorite boot: Liberty's 62 Muerto, a hand-tooled black number covered with bone-colored skulls and only $2,200. Jeans by Parasuco have Western details. Shirts come with snap buttons and names such… More >>
  • Best Gun Shop

    Ray's Sporting Goods

    If you want a Wal-Mart-sized selection of guns, go to Cabela's. But if you're looking for a gun to place under your pillow and you want the man who sells you that gun to treat you like a friend and not just another customer, go to Ray's Hardware and Sporting Goods. At Ray's, the men behind the glassed-in counters understand… More >>
  • Best Brazilian Market

    Coisas Do Brasil

    In the Brazilian Amazon the locals favor a thick red juice that tastes best when it's served in a wooden bowl. The juice, called acai, comes from little berries that grow high in trees. Until recently, acai wasn't available in the United States--even finding it outside of the Amazon was tough. Now you can buy it online in powder form.… More >>
  • Best CD Store

    CD World

    We were gonna mention the Virgin Megastore in Mockingbird Station till we remembered, yeah, that sucker's a furniture store now. Then we thought, oh, well, how about Tower Records on Lemmon Avenue? It's never taken home one of these coveted accolades, and it does have a pretty decent import section. Then we remembered, oh, yeah, Tower's in bankruptcy and probably… More >>
  • Best Vinyl Fetish

    A&R Record and Tape

    A&R Records, open since 1969, occupies a squat brick building in a part of town where it's necessary to keep the front door locked at all times. Inside, there's all the equipment needed to make a CD, a cassette or a record. What makes A&R special is that it's one of the last places left that still makes vinyl. The… More >>
  • Best Place to Act Like a Kid Again

    Celebration Station

    If you ask us, kids these days already know too much stuff. We blame it on those Internets, or maybe MTV. And that is why we love Celebration Station. The family fun zone is not educational, nor is it culturally significant. Not one brain cell will be taxed during an entire day there. Kids can drive bumper boats and go-karts,… More >>
  • Best Cleaners

    Freedom Cleaners

    So a drunken night in a limo with confetti, a stocked bar and seven of your closest friends was not the best time to wear a white skirt. Now it makes sense. We use Freedom Cleaners in the Old Town shopping center because they can fix anything. They don't make promises, but they haven't let us down yet. Whether you're… More >>
  • Best Bookstore

    Half-Price Books

    We've never been so disappointed with Borders Books and Music as we have in recent months; bet you didn't know they gotta wear uniforms at the West Village location, which is an enormous turnoff. And Barnes & Noble, well, a chain's a chain, and it ain't no damned good unless it's on a bike, bud. Which leaves us, as always,… More >>
  • Best Hotel

    Hotel St. Germain

    Weird one, isn't it, for the local to write; should have outsourced this one to an outta-towner (like, say, John Travolta, who can be found in the Four Seasons in Las Colinas as often as a drunk golfer, or a movie-studio publicist who has to baby-sit celebs as they make the rounds pimping product). We've heard bad things about the… More >>
  • Best Way to Screw a Local

    Harry Winston Moving in Next to William Noble

    Look, we don't know the first thing about fancy jewels; just don't kick us in ours, that's all we gotta say on the subject. But this much we do know about William Noble: His stuff is rare, fancy, expensive and among the best bangles and baubles sold anywhere in the United States. His two-decade-plus run in the Highland Park Village… More >>
  • Best Repurposing of a Crap Mall

    Olla Podrida Turns Into Hebrew School, Seriously

    Olla Podrida closed down exactly 10 years ago this summer, and if you're not from around these parts, let us explain how much of a heartbreaker that was for some of us natives. See, it was an oddball mall at Coit Road and LBJ Freeway built, from what we hear, out of abandoned airplane hangars. Best we can recall, the… More >>
  • Best Toy Store

    Froggie's 5 & 10

    Toy stores come and go in this city like rain showers in June; if we had a nickel for every one of them that's come and gone in Preston Royal Shopping Center alone, well, we wouldn't be writing Best of Dallas items for damned sure. But this is sort of the best of all worlds for us: Froggie's has the… More >>
  • Best Fanboy Hang

    Titan Comics

    We've come around on Zeus Comics & Collectibles on Oak Lawn Avenue; now that some of us have kiddos well on their way to becoming full-blown nerdlings, hey, we appreciate the action figure as much as the next dork (and if you touch that 1st Appearance Superman on our desk, we will kill you). For the same reason, we love… More >>
  • Best Attitude Adjustment

    Dr. Lynne Auerbach,
    Uptown Chiropractic

    Dr. Lynne (as she prefers to be called) tackles migraines, aching joints and that nagging pain in your lower back (you know the one) with no pretense, just a skilled hand and one helluva friendly staff. Her practice, Uptown Chiropractic, is a sanctuary of healing, conveniently located near lunch hot spots and errand destinations, so there's no excuse not to… More >>
  • Best Gift Shop

    Urban Flowers and Gift Market

    Owner Tony Gates and his Urban crew have won before in this category, and we're not opposed to throwing it their way again, because they seriously never fail us. Five minutes from needing a delicate pair of earrings, a knickknack that screams "whimsy!" or the perfect touch of random to add on to a joint gift that needs our personal… More >>
  • Best Global Warming Antidote


    Let's face it, Mother Nature is pissed. In the face of droughts, onslaughts of disease and pests and record heat, gardeners have but one choice: Go native. Plants and vegetables that evolved to deal with North Texas' semi-arid climate and endemic pests need less to produce more, eliminating midnight stealth watering and complicated concoctions of fertilizers and pesticides. Redenta's has… More >>
  • Best Women's Clothing Store

    Emeralds to Coconuts

    Planning a Saturday shopping trip? You'll be running all over town. Here for shoes. There for jewels. Hither for purses. Thither for dresses. If all that consumer commuting has you down, head to Emeralds to Coconuts, your one-stop shopping for all that is casual, eclectic, traditional, gaudy and simple in women's clothing. Known for their linen and cotton apparel, Emeralds… More >>
  • Best Oriental Rug Cleaner

    Oriental Rug Cleaning Co.

    Oriental is a third-generation company in business since 1911, and unlike much of their competition, they know what they're doing. Most companies use steam-cleaning equipment on Orientals and Persians, which gives only a surface clean. Companies that don't know a Mazlaghan from a Bibikabad can get into all kinds of trouble with dyes, materials and construction. Ellen Amirkhan, third generation… More >>
  • Best Art Support

    ART is ART

    We like art. We like supporting local artists. We hate the dearth of places that offer pieces by local artists. We're not talking about galleries or studios that just hang paintings or photos, we're talking about shops that offer a selection of works you can wander through. We want to walk in and peruse wall art, furniture, decorative objects, jewelry… More >>
  • Best Scene Heard

    Tactics Productions

    If we had to guess, we'd say that a music video is way out of the picture for many local bands. Too expensive, no contacts, lead singer with acne--there are handfuls of reasons. Screw all that. Dallas bands have a secret weapon if they just know where to go. There's a Kurosawa and Malick right in their own backyard. Too… More >>
  • Best Piercing Rescue

    Tim at Taboo Tattoo

    Let's say you decided one evening to get a piercing or two. Hey, there's a studio--let's stop here. A few days later, maybe a Sunday afternoon, your piercings are giving you problems and that studio's not open. In fact, you can't find a piercer on duty anywhere. Until, fortunately, you stop at Taboo Tattoo. Tim leads you to his studio… More >>
  • Best Facial

    Bliss Spa at the W Hotel

    They call it the "Best Little Pore House in Texas" and a Bliss Spa facial is 70 minutes of intense attention to not only the pores on your face, but the skin on other parts of your body. It starts with a dark room and pretty music, cleansing and a hot towel to open the pores, then extractions of blackheads… More >>
  • Best Treasure Trove

    Dolly Python

    Photo albums, costume jewelry, Royal typewriter, prom dress circa 1967, sketched portrait of Colombian monkey, black clutch with railroad clasp, one copy of The Piano Artistry of Jonathan and Darlene Edwards on vinyl and one adorably snaggle-toothed dog named Frito. Since Dolly Python (a perfect hybrid of vintage boutique and antique store) opened late last year, it seems our grandmother's… More >>
  • Best Veterinarians

    City Vet

    Cats, when they're born, take a solemn vow to get sick only at the worst possible times. In keeping with their mantra of "at our convenience, not yours," your cat will invariably develop a life-threatening condition in the middle of a holiday weekend. Fortunately for us, City Vet has Saturday hours. We've come to recognize--nay, be comforted by--the particular smell… More >>
  • Best Handmade Wedding Cake

    Catherine Niblack, the "cake lady" of Duncanville, was born in Sweden into a line of famous bakers. An uncle, she says, baked for the king, whose favorite treat was the uncle's mocha cake. The uncle later came to California and baked for Hilton Hotels. He left behind a book of recipes that Niblack still uses. Her cakes, baked in her… More >>

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