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Best Back Room Dallas 2007 - Jimmy's Food Store

Jimmy\'s Food Store

Jimmy's Food Store

4901 Bryan St.

Dallas, TX 75206


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You know Jimmy's sausage and meatballs (and mortadella and prosciutto) are the stuff of legend, forcing chefs and gastronomes (why does foodie sound like a term for someone with a sippy-cup fetish?) alike to knuckle under its culinary weight in devoted reverence. You also know the wine selection is the best ever brought forth from the entirety of the boot, flowing from Veneto, Compania, Tuscany, Piedmont, Friuli, Sicily, Sardinia, Trentino Alto Adige, Basilicata, Umbria and Marche. Jimmy's even stocks the wines from Avellino bottled by Riccardi's Italian Dining owners Anita and Gaetano Ricardi. But what you may not know is that Jimmy's now has a back room—borne of reconstruction after the devastating 2004 fire that nearly destroyed its circa 1920s building—where wine dinners and wine flights will be launched and indulged and disabused, some hosted by Italian wine experts such as Andrea Cecchi of the Chianti producer Cecchi. More to follow. More to flow. Much to love.
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You awarded best back room to someone who hadn't really even had it in service yet? (You used terms like "will") That's nuts. You just made this category up because you couldn't give them their usual #1 rating.

liz gant
liz gant

Jimmy's.... excellent offering of the finest ingredients for preparing cuisine or home cooking. Their deli sandwiches are worth the trip and the home made ice cream...... well, it is simply a real treat, all that and a truly enjoyable shopping experience.

ivan pugh
ivan pugh

Jimmys deserves alot of best ofs in my opinion. This place is a class act and makes me proud to be a small business owner myself. If you've never been, take a trip down to the hood, you won't regret it. And Jeff has my vote for best butcher.


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