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Best Barbecue Dallas 2007 - Original Sonny Bryan's Smokehouse

Original Sonny Bryan\'s Smokehouse

Original Sonny Bryan's Smokehouse

2202 Inwood Rd.

Dallas, TX 75235


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Readers' Choice: Sonny Bryan's Smokehouse
Various locations
Years ago Sonny Bryan's got rolled out into 10 different Dallas-area locations, and they're all great, but the original on Inwood is proof that part of the barbecue is the shack. Since 1910—that's when Sonny Bryan started peddling his incomparable ribs and brisket from a tumbledown dive near Parkland Hospital—a whole lot of smoke and flavor must have gotten rubbed into the joint's well-worn benches and little school desks. It helps that you can see people back behind the counter pulling those big racks of ribs out of the smoker: You know for sure it's not coming down here quick-frozen from New Jersey. This is real-deal Dallas, the old-fashioned way, and every bite a treat for sure.
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Joe Pena
Joe Pena

The Original is really the BEST! You MUST try the smoked chicken and pork ribs at Babe's in Garland!


"They're all great"? You gotta be joking. I've been to them all and all but the original on Inwood suck. No one's slicing or chopping. They pull stainless steel trays from under the counter with uniform rows of machine sliced beef which they put on your sandwich with tongs. Like barely enough meat to cover the bun. There must be at least 10-15 BBQ joints that could be considered far superior to any Sonny's with the exception of the Inwood location. Sonny's rolling over in his grave!


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