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Best Big Box Store Dallas 2007 - Sam's Club - CLOSED

Sam's Club

8282 Park Lane

Dallas, TX 75231


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Actually, we had hoped there would never be a "best big box" category. We had hoped these multi-acre stores one day would all disappear and yield their sprawling asphalt parking lots to clever, Frenchy little shops with leaded glass windows and geraniums on the sill. But then we found out you could buy stuff cheap in a big box. Très bien. Sam's Club is where you get your toilet tissue by the case and your frozen pizzas in wagon wheel sizes. You can also pick up discounted best-selling books and other luxuries. For parties, get that seven-layer dip in a tub and those chips in sacks as big as pillowcases. You can also get pillowcases. Save a bunch, spend a lot. It's the big box that rox.
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Second the nod on Costco. Sam's def doesn't carry the quality that Costco does. Where else can you buy the same filet mignon Central Market carries for a 1/4 of the price???

Don Chronister
Don Chronister

Come On.. Sam's over Costco?? Anyone who has ever shopped the two knows there is no comparison. Besides I shop at Costco if for no other reason because it is NOT OWNED BY WALMART!!!!!!!!!!!!


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