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Best Breakfast Burritos Dallas 2007 - JusMex



400 N. St. Paul St.

Dallas, TX 75201-3114


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This is the sort of place that makes a breakfast that will keep you full well past lunch. Try the huevos rancheros, or any one of their omelets; you can't go wrong. But what this place is known for are its breakfast burritos. Filled with eggs, bacon, sausage and whatever else you want them to put on it, they're the best breakfast burritos in town. Plus, the service here is excellent. Come in one time and they already treat you like a regular, which, if you ride DART rail downtown to the St. Paul station, you may well become.
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Okay, so after over a year of passing by this place as I got off the train, I happened to notice the sign in the window touting the "Best Breakfast Burritos" and had to try for myself. It's hard to say if it was the best, but it certainly ranks up there in my top three. And two burritos (w/choice of potato, sausage, bacon or chorizo) with a side of hash browns for only $3.79 can't be beat. I got one w/bacon and one w/sausage; the sausage won. The last time I visited Justmex was over two years ago when I worked in the building next door. I went there for lunch on a weekly basis. When I went in this morning, it was like no time had gone by. As the write-up states, "come on in and they already treat you like a regular." So true.


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