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Best Butcher Dallas 2007 - VG's Butcher Shoppe - CLOSED

VG's Butcher Shoppe

3527 Oak Lawn Ave.

Dallas, TX 75219


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"Your hometown butcher shoppe, in the city" reads Greg Geerts' business card. The tiny shop isn't much to look at. It's spartan and white, with only a few old Samsonite suitcases and end tables to give it charm. But the infectiously engaging Geerts, who learned his craft at the meat counter in Huntsville after a string of DWI charges before moving on to Tom Thumb, is just the man to trim your rib eyes and New York strips. He prepares steaks marinated especially for indoor sizzling on George Foreman grills (because most Uptown apartment complexes don't allow hardwood charcoal grilling in the bathtub anymore). His fresh pork, ruby lamb chops and the sliced free-range chicken breasts look as fresh and wanton as anything you'll see—or wish you'd see—in your grocer's meat case. The Black Angus beef is mouthwateringly delicious. VG's sells Boars Head meats and cheeses and beef frankfurters and knockwurst. Geerts will sharpen your knives by hand on stone and demonstrate (more like insist on) the proper ways to care for and steel the edges. Geerts will get you anything you want. He just recently secured a 40-pound whole pig and a 20-pound whole goat for a Dallas luau. The pig had real blue eyes, he offers. He didn't say much about the goat's face, though.
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VG's sells the best meat in town, bar none. For flavor and tenderness there is simply no comparison. We have shopped exclusively with VG's for nearly 2 years and have never been disappointed. Greg knows what cuts we like, packages everything in the right size for us. I call ahead, discuss with him what we need for the next 5 - 6 weeks, he has everything packaged and ready to pick up. Absolutely top notch.


I totally agree that Greg's Butcher Shoppe is the BEST in the city. I will not shop anywhaere else for a fine cut of beef. It is always Tender & Delicious. The meat you can buy at your local grocery does not compare. I wish Greg & kathy the best in their marriage and I am very happy for them.


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