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Best Comedy Champions Dallas 2007 - Linda Stogner and Jan Norton's Backdoor Comedy Showcase

Linda Stogner and Jan Norton\'s Backdoor Comedy Showcase

Linda Stogner and Jan Norton's Backdoor Comedy Showcase

8250 N. Central Expressway

Dallas, TX 75206


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For stand-up comedians, stage time trumps all, including spouses, children, international incidents and most major sporting events. There's nothing more important than the opportunity to make drunk people laugh. It's about gaining experience, about learning what makes the masses guffaw. Nobody knows this better than Linda Stogner and Jan Norton, who, for the past 15 years, have hosted comedy shows in the backs of bowling alleys, delis, pizza parlors and other unlikely venues. Calling their operation the "Backdoor Comedy Showcase," Stogner and Norton have championed both up-and-coming and veteran comics. They were booted from their first official comedy-only space on Ross Avenue this year to make room for another soulless corporate headquarters, but that hasn't stopped the pair, who continue to host shows anywhere they can draw a crowd. For that, we give them our most sincere rubber chicken salute.
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How can I reach Linda and Jan?Thanks,Margie Herbert

I think they'll remember me from Annabelle's class


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