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Best Dinner and Then...? Dallas 2007 - Central 214

Central 214

Central 214

5680 N. Central Expressway

Dallas, TX 75206


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We knew the service at Central 214 was attentive when our waiter surreptitiously noted our preference for Splenda and brought a single packet with each tea refill. And the food sparked oohs and aahs too, especially the hanger steak and the "mac and cheese our way" (their way is rigatoni with a garlic cream sauce and Parmesan). But if you're really on your game, you'll parlay the delicious dinner into a suggestion of dessert...brought by room service. The chic Hotel Palomar offers sumptuous rooms to sleep off your gluttonous meal or, you know, whatever. Our tip: Request a room with a soaking tub.
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Paul Wilson
Paul Wilson

Get off of 214's knob. Palomar sucks at it's norm, it's average at best. Fleming peaked at Pappa's. And Pappa's sucks, I think we can both agree on that, and more so since Fleming showed up/ i used to enjoy Pappa's but he runied it. The crab cakes at 214 are always either over salted or grainy and the service is weak at best. I can name 50 restaurants with better service. Hibiscus, Mansion, any IHOP, Nove, Mama's Daughter's, Etc Etc Etc. Take this seriously or stop giving out charity awards. You're showing Dallas your bum with this selection.


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