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Best Etouffee Dallas 2007 - Greenville Avenue Seafood & Jazz - CLOSED

Greenville Avenue Seafood & Jazz

Greenville Avenue Seafood & Jazz

2104 Greenville Ave.

Dallas, TX 75206


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While men on stage blow altos and beat snare heads, women and children moisten their lips in crawfish etouffee with a creamy sassafras sauce. Their lips purse. Their eyes close. Their jaws do an Elvis swivel. Why is this so ridiculously good? Is it the perfect cook-down of onions and celery and peppers blended into roux? Is it the serrations of cayenne left on the tongue as the silken stew rolls down the throat? Is it the plump tight curls of crawdad tail? This etouffee has terrific balance that leaves the mouth pulsing and then quickly, somehow, lets it reset, readying for the next spoonful. It's nutrition for jazz ears.
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ivan pugh
ivan pugh

They meant to say Alligator Cafe, its a common mistake. Oh and we are open for business.


Um, isn't this restaurant CLOSED? And wasn't it closed at least a month before this edition of Best Of was published?


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