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Best FC Dallas Player Dallas 2007 - Dominic Oduro

Hailing from Ghana via Virginia, Dominic Oduro debuted with FC Dallas in 2006. Now, we could give you stats and play background and all that stuff, but the most important thing about this fine forward is that he has a helluva lot of heart. He trains long and hard, lives in team housing, eats at the field and has been separated from his family thanks to the meager pay that comes with being a truly dedicated and underappreciated soccer player. The Birdman is the ultimate team player, as anyone who's ever watched the Hoops can attest. He doesn't hog the ball, he's eagle-eyed and lightning fast. He's also responsible for one of the most exciting goals we've seen live all year. The Galaxy can have Beckham; we have our superstar with soul in Oduro.
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Am glad for dominic, He was my senior at prempeh and University of Ghana... iI have played along side him in both college teams.he is a fantastic player..we were all hoping to have a career in footbal but unfortunately some of us have not had the chance albeit we are good..I am glad to see him play that way I hope he can move to europe one day


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