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Best Fried Chicken Dallas 2007 - Celebration



4515 W. Lovers Lane

Dallas, TX 75209


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Readers' Choice: Babe's Chicken Dinner House
1456 Belt Line Road No. 171, Garland
We know: You like Bubba's, and they're great and all. But we just can't love a place that once somehow charged us $1 per organ for an order of chicken livers. What were they fried in, rendered unicorn fat? So give us Celebration. For around $11 bucks, we get fresh bread and muffins, all we can eat of juicy-not-greasy chicken, plus three sides or the freshest veggies available. The coating is crispy but not oil-sodden and we swear they must either marinate or brine, because the taste of herbs comes steaming out of the meat. All this is served in a comfy warren of wooden booths and tree-shaded patios by some of the friendliest servers in the city. (Scary friendly, sometimes. Really, can anyone be that cheerful on a Sunday afternoon after the post-church rush?) Compare them to the surly bunch occasionally found behind the counter at other chicken shacks. The folks at Celebration seem like they're actually celebrating something, or maybe they're just glad they're not the ones standing over the fryer.
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Celebration is good, especially that cucumber dressing that no one else can copy. But, I find that their fried chicken pales in comparison to Babe's. The chicken, all you can eat sides, and wholesome yet quirky atmosphere at Babe's makes it number one in my books. I know it must be painful to always have one resteraunt win this category but, they hold the secret to the best fried chicken so....winner takes all.


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