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Best Ghost Dallas 2007 - Frank Lloyd Wright's head

Frank Lloyd Wright\'s head

Frank Lloyd Wright's head

2400 Flora St.

Dallas, TX 75201


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The Dallas Theater Center will move out of the cantilevered layer-cake building on Turtle Creek when the new Wyly arts complex downtown is finished in 2009. But we're wondering if the ghost of the building's legendary architect will make the move too. Since the theater opened nearly 48 years ago, it's been part of its colorful lore that the ghost of architect Frank Lloyd Wright haunts the scene shop's elevator. Seems Wright designed DTC with no right angles (making those steps to the restrooms from the lobby particularly treacherous) and no way to lift large set pieces from the basement to the stage. Wright died in April 1959; the theater opened in December of that year. In the months between, they put in the elevator, thus enraging the spirit, so the story goes, of Wright. Late-night scene shop workers have reported sightings of the levitating head in the elevator for decades. Now that's a show.
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jaime villa
jaime villa

The Ghost of Kalita Humphrey? What era was she around and is there any description on her.. I saw the strangest thing one day back in 1994. Not at the DTC but on the turtle creek j0gging path. I saw a woman dressed in all white, with a fancy laced hat. Walking in all white. even a white "poodle". Well, I didn't think of it as a ghost until later that night. the path she traveled wasn't usual. She walked along the creek and went under a bridge but never came back around the other side. This posting is kinda old but I've always been curious. Thanks!


I've grown up at DTC, been there at odd hours during the night and day, and I'll admit it, there's a ghost there, but not the one you're decribing. It's the ghost of Kalita Humphreys who haunts (or rather quietly inhabits) the right-angle free stairs and hallways of DTC. Although I have never actually seen her, I'm sure of who it is.


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