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Best Halloween Dallas 2007 - Swiss Avenue

The wonderful thing about Halloween on Swiss Avenue is that it's sort of not Halloween. On Swiss the night has evolved into something quite beyond Halloween, a phenomenon particular to the place and time. It's a strange admixture of American Halloween, Mexican Day of the Dead and who knows what else. There could be some Latvian Independence Day going on out there, and nobody would be the wiser. Or mind. Starting at dark and lasting until 10 p.m. or so, the big houses on Swiss always offer a wonderfully warm welcome for all comers. Pickup-loads of kids, some in costumes, some wearing quinceañera gowns (mostly girls), pile across the lawns in search of loot. It's a whole new kind of holiday in protean form. Not to be missed.
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Sylvia Carbajal
Sylvia Carbajal

I'm not making a comment because what can I say about Halloween on Swiss Avenue. I've never seen such a tremendous outcome. It's the safest place to take your kids trick or treating. Enough of that. I just want to know if the excitment will take effect on Saturday or Sunday.


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