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Best Local Music Web Site Dallas 2007 -

So many to choose from...and that's the problem. WeShotJR, BigDlittled, Boca Tinta, the Fine Line—and these are just the best-known tip of the iceberg—are all fine and dandy, and we appreciate each for its particular personality. Each gets the straight-up skinny, albeit with a few snags here and there (the fallout from the Great Matthew and the Arrogant Sea Debacle at weshotjr is just now subsiding), but here's the thing: The pissiness turns us off. Sometimes it's the bloggers themselves, other times it's the commenters, but there are always unintelligent, needle-sharp barbs and/or general stupidity plaguing these and other URLs about town. Thus, we choose an unexpected winner—'s music section. This sucker has every single thing you need to know about the music world of DFW. Bands divided by genre or venue played; venues divided by genre or neighborhood; every single freakin' gig going on within LBJ and beyond, regardless of how significant or not, all there with an easy-to-use interface and lack of attitude. Now that's news we can use.
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farty fart
farty fart

wilonsky, is this some kind of joke? pegasus news over we shot j.r.? i know you're busy filling in for Ebert but please do something about Widner.

Sam M.
Sam M.

Why don't you just come out and say what this award really is: "Best Site That The Dallas Observer Depends On For Show Listings And News Updates, Since The Observer's Crippled Corporate Sh!tstorm Of A Site Is So Unreliable, Its Own Staff Doesn't Even Use It"?

You guys are more than welcome to pick your "favorite," and I'm sure you're logging on to Pegasus News while catching the hottest new STP cover bands at Firewater, but I'm not letting you get off the hook for tagging these blogs with "unintelligent" and "general stupidity." Maybe you wouldn't be so annoyed by Internet troll comments if you weren't digging through every single one of them at WeShotJR, looking for the next readers' slag against what the Observer's music section has become.

Instead, maybe you'd skip those unnecessary comment pages and pay more attention to the meat of WeShotJR--its incredibly solid interviews, insights and show picks, its ability to spotlight the underground and dance acts that no other outlet--mine included--can keep up with. The site's makers assert themselves as opinionated members of the music community who actually have a vested interest in it. Boy, is THAT stupid.


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